Thursday, 14 March 2013

Malaysia's 13th General Election (My Prediction)

Updates: Today is 20th Mac. One of The Dates whispered around that the PM will finally called for a new mandate. The other date is this coming Friday, 22nd Mac.

But what I was told it will be actually April. Just before it expires by itself which is April 30.

In that case, I wont be able to cast my vote this coming election. The Ibu Segala Election. I will be out of the country. I've waited long enough. I cannot wait forever.


Original Posting

Today is 14/03/2013. I predict Parliment  will be dissolved NEXT WEEK. So ladies and gentleman, it's time to exercise your right. Through the ballot not street demo's. I wish you all the best. My only advise is ~ vote with logic logic logic and not driven by hatred.


Nostalgia PRU Malaysia Yang Pertama 1955

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